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Senco FN65DA 15 Gauge Fusion Finish Nailer

Senco FN65DA 15 Gauge Fusion Finish Nailer
Item # 5N0001N

Senco Fusion Finish Nailers

Combine Best of Air and Cordless Technologies. With the new Fusion Finish Nailers you will never need to worry about buying expensive fuel cells or waiting on a fly wheel to get up to speed. Senco's Lithium Ion powered, pneumatic driven nailers are ready to go from the moment you pick them up.

Senco's Fusion technology gives you the power of a fuel or air tool without the inconvenience of compressors and fuel cells. A permanently sealed canister stores compressed Nitrogen gas as a source of energy. When the trigger is pulled, energy is released, the motor turns the lifter which resets the piston. Nails are fired with no trigger delay. The entire process is powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery which can deliver up to 600 drives per charge: no fuel cells required! In addition to this revolutionary technology, Fusion Nailers also feature benefits like an adjustable firing mode (Bump Style, Sequential, or Off), precise depth of drive adjustment, and a self-correction capability.

  • Cordless Finish Nailer drives like air and fuel powered tools without compressors or replacement cells

  • Compressed Nitrogen gas provides energy for each shot with no trigger-delay

  • Nitrogen gas canister is calibrated and permanently set at the factory: no refueling required!

  • 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 600 shots per charge

  • Lithium-Ion battery reaches 80% power in only 15 minutes and charges even when "hot"

  • Multiple firing settings: bump, sequential or off

  • Thumbwheel allows quick and accurate depth adjustment for countersink or flush drive

  • Built-in indicator provides an instant view of depth setting

  • Self-Correction mechanism automatically resets after power loss or time-outs

  • If tool is left on "Bump Fire mode", Safety Time-Out mechanism shuts off tool to prevent accidental discharges

  • Built-in work light illuminates dark corners and spaces for improved accuracy

  • LED fuel-gauge clearly displays available power to avoid sudden power-losses

  • Belt hook is reversible and adjustable for left or right handed users and a variety of tool belts

The SENCO Fusion FN65DA 15 gauge nailer has the power and utility of a pneumatic tool combined with the convenience of a cordless tool. Our patented Reflex-Shot technology provides an instant shot when the trigger is pulled with no ramp-up time. Perfect for trim crews, remodelers, punch-out, or anyone who does not want to deal with the hassle of a hose and compressor. Applications include Finish and Trim, Baseboard, Cabinets, Caskets, Chair Rail, Decorative Trim, Door & Window Casing, Furniture Trim and Paneling

Model: SENCO Fusion FN65DA
Height: 13.5"
Length: 13"
Width: 3"
Weight: 6.2 lb
Fastener Capacity: 110
Battery: One Li-ion 18V
Charger: 80% in 15 minutes; 100% in 45 minutes

Fastener Specifications
Gauge: 15
Fastener Range: 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" (32mm - 65mm)
Finish: Bright Basic, Galvanized & Stainless
Collation: 34 degree angled taped strip

  • Finish and trim
  • Baseboard
  • Cabinets
  • Chair rail
  • Decorative trim
  • Door and window casing
  • Furniture trim
  • Paneling

Customer Testimonial:
Senco FN65DA 15 Gauge Fusion Finish Nailer
Senco FN65DA 15 Gauge Fusion Finish Nailer

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Senco FN65DA 15 Gauge Fusion Finish Nailer